Marketing and Social Media Policies

Oxford Mainstreet’s mission as an organization is strategically grounded in bringing people to downtown Oxford to help stimulate the economic growth and development of those in the downtown. Before asking OMI to share any marketing fliers for events, fundraisers, or gatherings, please make sure they meet the following requirements:

  • The event is based in Oxford, PA or the immediate surrounding area.
  • The event directly benefits the businesses and/or the people of Oxford.
  • The flier has appropriate information for the event date, time, location, organizing body, and contact information.

Oxford Mainstreet reserves the right to forgo posting any materials if they do not meet the aforementioned requirements or if they do not fit within the scope of the organization’s mission and vision.

By attending public events in downtown Oxford, you are agreeing to have your photo taken by Oxford Mainstreet to be used in any marketing and promotional materials. If you wish to not have your photo taken or wish to have a photo not used (or be taken down), please contact